Data Requests

Data Statement

Los Angeles City Planning is committed to providing complete, accurate, and timely information to the public. City Planning strives to advance the goals of transparency and data-informed decision-making as they relate to land use considerations under its purview.

City Planning makes much of its data publicly available through sources such as the website, the Zoning Information Map Access System (ZIMAS), the Planning Document Information System (PDIS), and the City’s Open Data Portal and GeoHub. Additionally, there is frequent public interest in aggregate data related to specific date ranges, geographic areas, programs, and policies.

Data Available from City Planning

Land Use and Zoning

City Planning maintains data on land use and zoning, which informs allowable uses, building dimensions, and other requirements specific to individual properties. A range of frequently requested GIS datasets and maps are downloadable from the Map Gallery.

Entitlement Applications / Development Projects

Digital records for individual development projects that have filed for discretionary or administrative approvals with City Planning are available through the Planning Document Information System (PDIS). To view a project’s case files in hard copy, visit the Records Management Office at 221 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1450.

Aggregate Data on Development

In most cases, City Planning can aggregate the data below for a certain date range or geographic area. Data types not listed below, such as certain types of development or entitlement requests, may also be available but could incur charges for programming time. Please specify these parameters when making your request.

Housing Unit and Non-Residential Square Footage Data*
*Available from calendar year 2015 onward; updated quarterly.

  • Case Number
  • Address
  • Community Plan Area
  • Neighborhood Council
  • Entitlements Requested
  • Project Description
  • Unit Type (Affordable, Market Rate, Non-Residential, etc.)
  • Special Groups (Senior, Special Needs, Permanent Supportive Housing, etc.)
  • Units Demolished
  • Units Added
  • Total Units
  • Net Units

Entitlement Application Data*
*Available from calendar year 2010 onward; updated monthly. Prior to 2010, only case numbers are available in a digital format.

  • Case Number
  • Address
  • Community Plan Area
  • Neighborhood Council
  • Entitlements Requested
  • Project Description
  • Date Filed
  • Date Deemed Complete
  • Hearing Date
  • Completion Date
  • Determination

Spatial Boundaries

  • Citywide
  • Area Planning Commission
  • Community Plan Area
  • Neighborhood Council
  • ZIP Code

Data Not Available from City Planning

At this time, custom spatial analysis (GIS) is not available to the public.

City Planning is only able to provide information it maintains. Data maintained by other City and County departments includes:

Fulfillment of Data Requests

To make a request for data not available through the resources above, email or call (213) 978-1196. To submit requests for documents, files, or communications, see below.

To submit a request for documents under the California Public Records Act (PRA), including communication records and requests for home-sharing registration data, please contact Planning.CustodianofRecords@lacity.orgMore information about PRA requests is available here.

For media inquiries, please contact

The City complies with the requirements of the California Public Records Act (CPRA) when responding to requests, and will make records available or provide copies as soon as feasibly possible. In any case, the City will respond within 10 calendar days whether the City has any documents responsive to the request. Reports and/or data that has been compiled through a PRA request are charged by the hour.


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