Residential Development and Suburbanization

Residential Development and Suburbanization, 1880-1980

Early Residential Development, 1880-1930

Residential Development and Suburbanization, 1880-1980*
(Includes the following:
Deed Restriction and Segregation
Streetcar Suburbanization
Automobile Suburbanization
Post World War II Suburbanization
Developers and the Development Process)

Trailer Parks and Mobile Home Parks, 1920-1969

Tract Housing in California, 1945-1973 (Caltrans Context for National Register Evaluation)

Multi-Family Residential Development, 1895-1970 
(includes the following:
The Bungalow Court
Courtyard Apartments
Apartment Houses
The Stucco Box/Dingbat
Multi-Family Residential Districts)

Garden Apartments of Los Angeles (Los Angeles Conservancy)

Public Housing in the United States, 1933-1949 (National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form)


* Context/Themes marked with an asterisk are currently in progress.