Historic Landmark Programs

Historic properties throughout the City of Los Angeles are designated by federal, state, and local programs.

City Landmarks (Historic-Cultural Monuments)

The City of Los Angeles has designated over 1,200 historic places as Historic-Cultural Monuments (HCMs). The map below indicates these locally designated landmarks within the City’s 35 Community Plan Areas.



Generalized Summmary

Los Angeles's Newest Historic-Cultural Monuments

Short profiles of the latest Historic-Cultural Monuments approved by the Cultural Heritage Commission and City Council.

Federal and State Designation Programs

In addition to the local Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument program, properties may also be designated by the federal National Register of Historic Places, and the state California Register of Historical Resources. Proposed projects involving these designated properties are reviewed by the Los Angeles City Planning Department’s Office of Historic Resources for conformance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards.

Checking the Historic Status of a Property

To find out whether a particular property in the City of Los Angeles has a historic designation or has been previously identified as eligible for historic designation, visit the Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) database. The Office of Historic Resources has prepared a step-by-step guide Using ZIMAS to Find Historic Preservation Information.

Properties that have been identified as eligible for designation by SurveyLA or a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) survey are listed at HistoricPlacesLA (HPLA).