South Los Angeles Community Plan

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Maneri Roman (213) 682-6366
Staff Contact: Plan Policies

Zuriel Espinosa (213) 978-1249

General Information:

Metro Public Counter: (213) 482-7077

Community Plan Boundary Map


The South Los Angeles Community Plan was recently updated in 2017. South Los Angeles is a diverse community that embraces its history, fosters sustainable neighborhoods, and promotes economic viability for everyone.

The South Los Angeles Community Plan area includes the neighborhoods of University Park, Adams-Normandie, Harvard Heights, West Adams Heights, Kinney Heights, Jefferson Park, Vermont Square and Vermont-Knolls.

  • Community Plan Document

Adopted Maps

These maps represent official documents that were approved by the City Council. These commonly show land and development rules and regulations by graphic representation.

  • General Plan Land Use
  • Circulation

Interactive Maps

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Informational Maps

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  • Economic Development Areas
  • Commercial and Industrial Zones
  • Generalized General Plan Land Use
  • Specific Plan Areas
  • Generalized Zoning
  • Adams - Normandie (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone)
  • Coliseum District (Specific Plan)
  • Coliseum and Soccer Stadium (Sign District)
  • Conditional Use Approval for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages (Specific Plan)
  • Council District 9 Corridors (Redevelopment Plan)
  • Crenshaw/Slauson (Redevelopment Plan)
  • Exposition/University Park (Redevelopment Plan)
  • Harvard Heights (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone)
  • Jefferson Park (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone)
  • Mid City Corridors (Redevelopment Plan)
  • North University Park (Specific Plan)
  • South Los Angeles (Community Plan Implementation Overlay)
  • USC (Specific Plan)
  • University Park (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone)
  • Vermont/Manchester (Redevelopment Plan)
  • West Adams Terrace (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone)
  • Western Heights (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone)
  • Western/Slauson (Redevelopment Plan)