Urban Design Project Review

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The Urban Design Studio plays an important role in the Los Angeles City Planning Department, helping to elevate the quality of design for private development projects. Typically, the Studio reviews larger-scale projects and those seeking discretionary approval from City government. 

The Studio’s staff is available to provide early input directly to the design/development team at project review meetings. The Studio’s feedback focuses on ways a project can be improved to comply more fully with the Studio’s three design approaches. The Studio also provides feedback directly to the Department’s project planners who review applications. Area design professionals provide input on larger projects, enhancing the Studio’s guidance to project planners.

Applicants for larger-scale projects are encouraged to request a meeting with the Studio’s staff. To schedule an appointment, click the button above.

Please note that the Studio will not review projects in neighborhoods that have their own design review board or Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) Board.