Preliminary Application Review Program (PARP)

Preliminary Application Review Program (PARP)

The Preliminary Application Review Program supports the goal of providing housing opportunities for all by offering pre-entitlement streamlining and vesting services for housing development projects.

For information regarding the optional vesting preliminary application and general questions about implementation of the Housing Crisis Act for projects associated with a LACP application, contact the Preliminary Application Review Program (PARP) staff at

Interim Guidance on the Implementation of SB 8


COVID 19 Update:

In response to COVID-19, City Planning allows project applications that qualify under the Housing Crisis Act of 2019 to submit an optional vesting preliminary application electronically. This shift to accepting forms electronically has shortened the turnaround time, allowing applicants to file remotely without requiring an appointment.

Email with Section I of the Preliminary Zoning Assessment (PZA) form complete with attached architectural plans to initiate the PZA review. Separately, the optional vesting Preliminary Application should be submitted through the Department’s Online Application System.

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Optional Housing Crisis Act Vesting Preliminary Application Filings

The Housing Crisis Act of 2019 allows housing development projects to receive certain vesting rights through a preliminary application process. To qualify for filing a Preliminary Application, a project must consist of at least one unit on a project site, new mixed use development with at least two-thirds of the square-footage designated for residential use, Supportive Housing, or Transitional Housing.




January 2020 Implementation Memo for the Housing Crisis Act
Optional Housing Crisis Act Vesting Preliminary Application Form (CP-4062)
Optional Housing Crisis Act Vesting Preliminary Application Instructions (CP-4063)


Contact PARP

For general questions, email:
Optional vesting Preliminary Application:

Liaisons in other departments:

Los Angeles Housing Department

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