Chapter 3 - Land Use


Downtown Los Angeles is an international center for finance and trade that serves the population of the five-county metropolitan region. It is the largest government center in the region and the location for major cultural and entertainment facilities, hotels, high-rise residential towers, regional transportation facilities and the Convention Center. These uses serve the region, state, nation and world. Generally the Downtown Center is characterized by FARs up to 13:1 and high-rise buildings.

The adopted Downtown Strategic Plan provides direction and guidance for the area's continued development and evolution. While its policies provide for both business retention and attraction and seek to maintain the area's economic role in the regional economy, the Element emphasizes the development of new housing opportunities and services to enliven the downtown and capitalize on the diversity of the City's population. The Central City Community Plan should be amended guided by this Element.

The Framework Element reflects the Strategic Plan's goals and maintains the Downtown Center as the primary economic, governmental, and social focal point of Los Angeles, while increasing its resident community. In this role, the Downtown Center will continue to accommodate the highest development densities in the City and function as the principal transportation hub for the region.

To support Downtown as the primary center of urban activity of the Los Angeles region, its development should reflect a high design standard. Additionally, nighttime uses should be encouraged and public safety enhanced to meet the needs of residents and visitors.

A Downtown Center as the primary economic, governmental, and social focal point of the region with an enhanced residential community.

Downtown Los Angeles Multi-family housing located in South Park area

Objective 3.11

Provide for the continuation and expansion of government, business, cultural, entertainment, visitor-serving, housing, industries, transportation, supporting uses, and similar functions at a scale and intensity that distinguishes and uniquely identifies the Downtown Center.

3.11.1 Encourage the development of land uses and implement urban design improvements guided by the Downtown Strategic Plan. (P1, P2, P18)
3.11.2 Revise the Central City Community Plan guided by the Downtown Strategic Plan. (P1)

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