California Public Records Act

The California State Legislature adopted the Public Records Act (PRA) in 1968 to increase the public’s access to government agencies’ public records. To submit a PRA request, send an email to


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a Public Records request?

Anyone may submit a request for public records.

What type of information can be requested?

Public records requests from Los Angeles City Planning may reference a variety of documents and other materials, including but not limited to case filings, data queries, etc. Under the PRA, cities may withhold certain documents if there is a legal basis for doing so.

How long does it typically take to receive an initial response?

City Planning has 10 calendar days from the time the request is sent to provide an initial response. However, City Planning may, upon written notice to the requester, acquire an additional 14 days to respond. A time extension must be filed within the initial 10-day response period.

Is there a charge associated with a PRA request?

Certain requests may incur additional costs based on the time required to produce the documents, such as a report that would need to be compiled. Access to documents and materials in City Planning’s possession will be generally provided without charge, if available in an electronic format. Fees for paper copies are 10 cents per page.